My name is Courtney. I'm 17. Just be yourself and live life. People will always have their opinions of you, despite who you are and what you are capable of.
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the brilliant thing about being a woman is that I’m punished for both trusting and distrusting men!

I should magically know which man is going to harm me by having a brief conversation with him. if I trust Bad Men, then, well. I should’ve known. 

if I don’t trust Nice Men though, I’m an utter bitch who deserves violence. don’t I know most men are good people?

I’m sayin doe….

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when my mom tells me to order pizza

♡Miley Cyrus Blog♡

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miley taking a fan’s piña colada during her concert in puerto rico


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Disney + Types of Cake.
*disclaimer the cake shown in the ratatouille gif is called a mille-feuille/napoleon, from everything I looked up, it is a cake or in the cake family. Hence why it’s included. Sorry if I’m wrong. 
+ one more….



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take a chill pill, your honor

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why do they even include 2014 as an option when selecting your birth year online like u fresh out the womb ready to join gmail

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